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JESUS - living to know Him and make Him known

    Worship Without Walls


   We share community with:

  • Assisted Care  Facilities

  • Homeless Shelters

  • Our Locality & Neighbors

Mass Impact's distinctive feature is our great desire is to reach the "least of these" as part of a regular Sunday "worship service".  We do not seek to enrich membership in our church through "worship without walls" but rather, seek to simply share the love of Jesus without any agenda.  While this may not grow us in numbers, it certainly grows us in character.  We literally take the church outside our walls on prime-time Sundays and into nursing homes and other needy places.  These special Sunday mornings are our time to BE the church in action and not just simply DO church.  

When we put an arm around a lonely elder in a nursing home, we warm their heart and bring comfort to their soul - all in the name of Jesus!  When we kneel down to make eye contact with a homeless person and encourage them to raise their head to look up at the hope from heaven, we are bringing Jesus to them! So, even if you're not officially a part of Mass Impact Church you are more than welcome to join us in this ministry. Let's tangibly show how the love of Jesus Christ can transcend any human-made barrier when we bring the Church of Jesus Christ outside the four walls of a church building.