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JESUS – Living to know Him and to make Him known.

Two imperfect people with imperfect pasts, brought together by a perfect God, towards a perfect symphony of praise and glory to His Name!  That’s really the story of Pastors Ramey and Guy!

Pastor Guy

Gayathri (Guy as she is affectionately called by many) was born into an orthodox family as a high-caste Brahmin and raised a devout, practicing Hindu.  Her first exposure to Christ was at the University of Toronto. Late for a Major British Writers class, and lost, she was given directions by a nearby member of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) – but not before he’d grabbed the opportunity to mention Jesus and thrust a free Bible into her hands!  She was lost in more ways than one, and Jesus was showing her the Way in more ways than one!  It would be many years before she would crack that Bible open but a seed had been planted!

Soon after completing her bachelors, Guy got married and settled into what she thought would be a prosperous life, but her young  marriage started to unravel gradually.  It was in the midst of the subsequent turmoil and abandonment that Guy radically encountered Jesus Christ through the ministry of her brother. (Persevere in praying for your unsaved loved ones! God is always faithful!). God then led Guy into a church where the Pastor was, of all things, a former Orthodox Brahmin himself!  Here was a man who shared a common heritage of the knowledge and richness of the more than 4000-year old Hindu scriptures, and yet, was able to unmistakably show Guy (and later, her family) that Christ was present all along in those ancient texts! Emboldened and energized about her new-found faith in Jesus, she started devouring the Bible like a newborn craves milk!.

Even as she secretly pined for the joy of getting married again and having a family of her own, she chose to lay those dreams at the altar of surrender before God.  She joyfully had “date nights” with the Lord and became single-minded in her pursuit of God.  And just as a friend was persuading Ramey to plunge into the fledgling world (at that time) of online Christian dating, Guy’s brother was encouraging her to do the same.  After a few (ok, maybe a lot) of pop-up window chat conversations, hundreds of dollars worth of long-distance phone calls, thousands of dollars of airplane tickets (ok, maybe not so much), Ramey and Guy were married in 2004.  Did we mention unorthodox?

Guy lived in Canada and Ramey was in the US, but again, God’s hand opened a door no man could open. She was hired as a marketing manager by a Fortune 100 company in Boston, and managed accounts worth several million dollars.  God was surely preparing her to become steward of something far more precious – God’s People!  And along the way, out popped Moe, Larry and Curly (well, close – it was actually one girl and two boys).

Today, Guy finds joy in odd places, like when she is ministering to a hurting soul on the phone, with the musical background of a screaming toddler! She makes circus jugglers envious of her juggling skills.  Slowly, she is being transformed into the image of Christ, in every way and at every turn!

Pastor Ramey

Ramey was born into a Pastor’s family in India and grew up with much exposure to the Word of God and church ministry.  Somewhere in there he inhaled a healthy dose of legalism and a works-based approach to God.  Inevitably, it caught up with him and swept him into passive-aggressive rebellion in his teens.  But God is good, and He is sovereign! Around this time Ramey prophetically received a “call” to ministry, and rededicated his life to the Lord while attending a missions seminar at a church in Kentucky.  The Lord then led Ramey to Singapore and Malaysia where he completed an Associates Program in Biblical Studies.

After he returned to India and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Madras, he felt he needed to put his "call" on hold.  He worked in marketing at a chemical company, traveling all over South India on his motorbike and getting a great tan in the process! Again, miraculously God opened doors for Ramey to attend Zion Bible Institute (now Northpoint) in the US.  He arrived with $150 in his pocket and one suitcase of quite possibly out-of-fashion clothing.

Right after Ramey completed his Bachelor’s Bible degree with minors in Christian Education and Pastoral Ministry, he worked for a few years as a ministry intern at an inner-city church in New Hampshire.  He led the choir, arranged worship, preached and taught the Word, and participated in practical ministry such as maintaining the grounds, teaching GED classes, and helping with the food pantry. He didn't allow this brief encounter with food to go wasted.To this day, he loves to throw a few cans of food into a cooking dish and watch it transform into a "gourmet" meal.

All the while God was honing Ramey’s skills while also silently working on his character.  A failed marriage resulting from spousal abandonment forced him to use the intervening years to humble himself and draw closer to God.  It was as part of this restorative process of accountability that God brought Ramey to International Worship Center where a former Bible School colleague was Pastor.

Ramey met and married Gayathri in 2004.  In 2008, Ramey was appointed Associate Pastor.  In 2011, Ramey and Gayathri were formally called to serve as Lead Pastors of the church.  In October 2013 International Worship Center was re-branded and re-launched as Mass Impact Church.

Ramey is currently huffing and puffing his way through an M.Div degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, which he hopes to complete before Jesus returns back to the earth!

He loves to see God's handiwork in nature. He loves Bible trivia, academic reading, writing, astronomy, cooking, playing tennis, catching up on cricket commentary, and rough-housing with his three kids, not in any particular order!