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Our Missionaries



We have pledged, as the Lord enables, to faithfully provide monthly support to Rev. Patrick and Michelle O'Loughlin, missionaries to Ireland.  The Lord arranged in His timing, to provide miraculously for them in every way: from the sale of their Stateside home to medical school admission in Ireland for their oldest child, and for favor for their family.  God's leading continues in amazing ways to this day. For more information on this beautiful family and their vision please visit www.aheartforireland.com

Northern Asia

Our church provides monthly financial support to Rev. Bryan and Janine Schwing who have followed the Lord's leading to a sensitive location in Northern Asia.  From learning the local language to building relationships with locals, they are fully immersed in the thick of it. You are welcome to learn more by connecting with Bryan on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PBandJSchwing?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


Dan and Alicia Desrosiers are a beautiful couple with a heart for hard work in the Kingdom of God.  With little Paisley, Piper and Ana tagging along, they completed their assignment in Spain and are now based in the US, but working with their European partners to bring the gospel through media. For more details you can check their website: www.dandesrosiers.com


Jason and Enghee Fuentes are a special couple who obeyed the call of God and gave up a professional career and Stateside ministry to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to needy Indonesia.  May the Lord lead, guide and bless them and their four children as they settle into a season of learning, growing and sowing in this great nation with the largest Muslim population in the world.  For more information: http://world.ag.org/missionary/fuentes-jason-enghee


Neil and Kathy Vanaria are veteran missionaries who have spent their lives for Jesus for nearly three decades in reaching the Mesem people of Papua New Guinea.  Their monumental work there includes translating the New Testament into the local language for which they "invented" a script themselves.  This spirit of adventure and biblical obedience to the call has led them this time towards the Island-state of Sicily where scores of refugees are pouring in from countries hostile to the Gospel.  They want to reach this population for Jesus as the "harvest" is coming in.  For more information: http://ag.org/top/missionary_directory/world/world.cfm?Display=Yes&churchdetail=AGFM3578


Rev. Jacqueline Doucette has a heart for people that is evident every time she ministers.  Having experienced the chiseling of God in her personal life, she is able to pour out into others with compassion and power.  She is actively part of the "Live Dead" movement and received favor to enter the ancient land of India to lavish godly love on those who desperately need it.  She's now settling down, learning the local language.  To support her and learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jacqueline-doucette/b0/82b/259

East Africa

Chris and Cyndi Stucci heeded the call of God to give up comfortable middle-class American life in Greater Boston to gain something greater.  They are getting ready to leave for a sensitive part of East Africa where spiritual darkness is ever-present.  To find more about them please visit their Facebook page under "NearandFar With the Stucchis".


Rev. Mike and Polly Brown plunged head-first into a challenging environment when they heeded the call of God to South America.  Learning a new language, culture and way of life has not been without its challenges but their heart desires to see God move.  They nurture a deep desire to bring the gospel to those who are hurting and in bondage to sin. Learn more at www.mikeandpollybrown.blogspot.com 


Mass Impact Church has also hosted and blessed others who have been providentially brought our way.  Some of these men and women of God include those who serve right here in New England as well as in far away locales such as Botswana.